Thrustmaster T3PA Add-on Pedal

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100% Metal Pedals and Internal Structure

  • 3 metal pedals
  • Metal internal structure ensuring maximum solidity

Fully Adjustable

  • 3 pedals with adjustable spacing setting (3 positions)
  • 3 pedals with adjustable angle setting (2 positions)
  • Accelerator pedal with adjustable height setting (2 positions)

Pedals with Individual Pressure Settings

  • Accelerator pedal - approx. 2.5 kg
  • Brake pedal - approx. 10 kg (without Conical Rubber Brake Mod)
  • Brake pedal:  15-25 kg, according to your preference (with Conical Rubber Brake Mod)
  • Clutch pedal - approx. 5 kg

Includes Optional Conical Rubber Brake Mod

  • Conical stop made from industrial-grade high-density rubber
  • Fitted directly beneath the brake pedal
  • Realistic sensations, with ultra-progressive resistance at the end of pedal's travel
  • Adjustable position (and therefore, resistance)

Wide and Perfectly Stable

  • Wide, textured footrest
  • Weighted pedal set
  • Perfect stability
  • Built-in Threaded Holes for Cockpit Setups

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