PLSR 2022 Stock Car Cup Series eTournament

Pit Lane Sim Racing 2022 Stock Car Series

Start your engines Pit Lane Sim Racing fans! By popular demand, we are running a SECOND tournament this summer, an all new Stock Car series. 

Stock car racing is the most popular motorsport in North America and for good reason. Closely matched cars, huge speeds, and a massive field create excellent conditions for spectators and close racing for drivers. And when it comes to running a stock car series, there is no better engine than iRacing - the official simulator of the eNASCAR series.

We are going to mirror the new format of our F1 eTournament this year where we will try to follow the NASCAR Cup Calendar to give NASCAR fans and sim racers a chance to get a taste of the journey of being an NASCAR driver. 

Book now to reserve your spot on the grid! It costs just $29.99 per race including a 15 min practice and 15 min quali, but remember PLSR Members get discounts or free entries into all tournaments! Check out our Membership levels here.


Drive a NASCAR Cup Series 

Pit Lane Sim Racing NASCAR Cup Series Car by iRacing

We are running the series with the new NASCAR Gen 6 Cup Series Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, and Toyota Camry. Although the Next Gen cars are very exciting, we wanted to give racers the opportunity to drive a proper manual for our first series.

The Gen 6 Cars have nearly 900 horsepower on tap and a minimum weight of 3300 pounds (with no less than 1600 pounds on the right side) so close racing is sure to take place at high speeds and safety is an important consideration as well. Thus, the Gen6 cars incorporate forward roof band and center roof support reinforcing structural integrity, along with large roof flaps to reduce the likelihood of cars becoming airborne in crashes. Body work includes carbon-fiber hoods and deck lids, and a 53″ wide rear spoiler.

Why iRacing?

    iRacing is the World’s Premier Motorsport Racing Simulation engine, powering more than 80 official racing series. This includes the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series, the premier and official NASCAR sim racing series. Entering its 13th season, it is also one of the longest running eSports series. 40 of the best sim racers from all over the world will compete across a 20 race schedule for their share of over $300,000, and whoever sits atop the points in the end will walk away with an impressive $100,000.

    iRacing's proprietary track building technology such as three-dimensional laser-scanning, dynamic track conditions, and active weather effects underpin each track to create racing experience that’s unlike any other.

    Authentically modeled tracks are identical to their real-life counterparts thanks to laser-scanning, from the cracks and pockmarks within the road’s surface, to the defining camber and undulations that give each track its identity. But accurate track models alone aren’t enough. Dynamic track conditions challenge the field to evolve in lockstep with a track. During each session, a track actively changes and requires racers to adapt, just like racing in real life.

    Concrete gets rubbered-in along the established racing lines and grooves. The sun heats up concrete based on its position overhead. On a 100-degree day, portions of the track that the sun hasn’t penetrated can be utilized for a potential grip advantage. You can learn more by reading all about iRacing's track building technology.