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Pit Lane Sim Racing

GT Grassroots Turnkey Racing Simulator

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Starting from scratch and looking for a well loved setup? We put together our best selling setup for unmatched value. This setup is not only feature packed and includes excellent performance to cost ratio, it is also a setup that can easily grow with you, whether that means upgrading to triple screens, adding motion, adding shifters and/or handbrakes, or even flight simulation. 


Key Features

  • MOZA Racing R9 DD Racing WheelMOZA Racing uses compact, lightweight commercial grade servo motors to ensure high levels of performance and reliability. The motor is packaged inside an all-aluminum alloy wheel housing for increased durability with advanced temperature control for real time heat management. With 9 Nm of sustained torque, the R9 direct drive wheel is easily the best value on the market with more torque than a wide range of real life racing cars with power steering, ensuring realistic simulation of forces. 
  • MOZA Racing RS-D Steering Wheel: Classic, ergonomic GT wheel design paired genuine Alcantara wheel rim, brushed aluminum wheel frame, forged carbon fibre button plate, and customizable RGD shift indicator lights
  • Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals: The T-LCM pedal set features an all metal internal structure and adjustable brake force with 6 different springs. Combined with market leading 16-bit resolution (65,536 values per pedal), HALL Effect sensors for all pedals - contactless technology without any potentiometers — ensures an unlimited lifespan and optimal accuracy, and a 100 kg (220 lb.) load cell brake sensor. The T-LCM load cell are the best selling pedal set we carry for a reason. 
  • Custom-built Gaming PC: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, RTX 3060, 16 GB DDR4 RAM. Think of it as the Spec Miata of sim racing PC's. All the racing action, none of the frills. Our recommended budget spec exceeds iRacing minimum and gets you a much more flexible build on iRacing compared to bare minimum that can grow with your setup, or support more graphically demanding titles such as Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) on a lower frame rate (FPS). All PC builds come with a free 3-month subscription to iRacing! (only valid for new iRacing members)
  • 34" Curved 165 Hz Gaming Monitor: Samsung Odyssey G5 Curved Gaming Monitor, QHD (1440p), 165 Hz refresh rate, and 1 ms response (or equivalent pending availability)
  • Build Time: approx. 2 weeks

True Custom Turnkey Solution

When it comes to a turnkey solution, you want to make sure everything you are buying is compatible, well thought out to suit your goal and uses, and gives the best value for the money. This does not mean giving up customization! Do you like this package but would like a different wheel? Upgrade your graphics card or CPU? Different pedals? Going to triple screens? We can upgrade anything you want, and custom does not mean losing value. We will charge only the premium between the price of the component in this package and the one you want. Same if you want to add something (i.e. shifter, handbrake, flight sim, etc.)


Trusted Experience

We have built enough simulators to make sure nothing is missed from cables, to UPS, to keybaords, to headsets. Every turn key simulator comes with:

  • Next Level Racing Elite Aluminum Monitor Stand
  • Next Level Racing Keyboard & Mouse Stand
  • Vulcan 120 AIMO RGB Gaming Keyboard
  • BURST Pro Wireless RGB Mouse
  • Razer BlackShark Pro eSports Wireless Headset
  • HDMI or DP cable(s)
  • UPS

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Mathieu Gingras

Good !