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Pit Lane Sim Racing

Pit Lane Sim Racing FR6 - 6 DOF Formula Racing Simulator

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The FR6 Formula Racing Simulator is a groundbreaking simulator that is the result of long design hours and multiple iterations to deliver something that is without equal and truly best in the industry. Powered by Qubic System's best-in-class motion technology, it offers unparalleled feedback and motion simulation that when coupled with our cockpit result in the most advanced simulator you can readily buy for home, commercial, or professional use. 

Why Qubic? As Qubic System's leading distributor and partner in North America, we know a thing or two about them. Qubic System builds the ultimate in motion simulation with speed and response that are multiples faster than leading competitors and thanks to tried and true proven tech, support and dependability are exceptional.

Configured with 6 actuators to provide true 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) motion that provide true acceleration, braking, and yaw simulation with differentiated understeer and oversteer (i.e. not just traction loss), this rivals the best pro simulators out there. If you want better, you may have to join an F1 team...  combined with vibrations (engine rpm, ABS, road surface, etc.), this is simply the best money can buy. Available as a complete turnkey solution and retrofit solutions to multiple Qubic System platforms including all required brackets and hardware. Contact us for details to retrofit to your current simulator!


Pit Lane Sim Racing FR6 6 DOF Formula Racing Simulator


The FR6 was designed with specific criteria to ensure unparalleled immersion:

  • Optimized cockpit height so only tires and mirrors are visible on the screen with the real cockpit, wheel, and dash correctly placed in line of sight.

  • Custom fitted seat foam like real racers or optional Sparco GP sim seat

  • Correct placement of pedals and steering wheel

  • Fully customizable livery and optional placement of your own logos

  • Carbon fiber tub and composite panels to keep weight down. Optional alum. chassis available as a cost saving measure.

The dash is based on Simucube SC2 Pro wheel base and Cube Controls CSX-3 wheel. No longer will a built in wheel dash be a nice add-on. This is necessary just like the real car as your only source of telemetry and data in your line of sight. The dash can be customized for Qubic QS-DD-20, MOZA, Cammus, Thrustmaster, or your own gear. 

Key Features

  • Qubic System QS-S25 6 DOF Motion Simulator: The FR6 utilizes six (6) of Qubic's world-leading fast acting linear actuators. An upper frame assembly maintains the same actuator configuration, geometry, and mounting points to deliver the exact same motion performance and reliability as Qubic's flagship QS-S25 Advanced Motion Simulator - the 'Spider'. The actuators are capable of speeds up to 8x faster, response 4x quicker, and displacement 3x greater than the leading motion actuator competitor. The 6 actuators provide true 6 degrees of freedom that can simulate heave, roll, pitch, and yaw with separate front and rear roll centres for body roll and yaw and true side-to-side and front-to-back motion. That means acceleration is truly simulated not just by tilting the seat or cockpit and understeer, oversteer, and 4 wheel drifts all feel different as they should. It is unmatched by anything you can buy short of a pro team's budget.
  • SIMUCUBE 2 (SC2) Pro Wheel Base: Simucube 2 Pro is built for professionals to set the new golden standard for high-end class Direct Drive wheels. Combined with exceptionally high torque response rate industrial grade motor, the sharpest kinks will be delivered at a clarity not seen in the Direct Drive market before. Torque response rate is adjustable to driver's preferences and is complimented by a peak rated output of 25 Nm of sustained torque, which is enough to give incredible range with any track, car and condition. The the Pro wheel base, a driver might forget they are in simulation
  • Cube Controls CSX-3 Steering Wheel: A professional-grade wheel base deserves a professional-grade steering wheel. The CSX-3 is a no cost spared formula style premium, handbuilt steering wheel that features next gen electronics and an integrated 4" HD screen with native SIMHUB compatibility. And unlike the majority of formula steering wheels available with an integrated screen, the CSX-3 features a touch LCD screen for faster interactions. Wheel construction features 100% pure carbon fiber front plate, CNC aluminum main body, knobs, and joysticks, and contactless magnetic shift paddles.
  • SIMGRADE THERA 2-pedal setall-billet aluminum structurestainless steel ball bearingsbrake pressure build-up simulation, and a powerful tuning software to dial in desired response for both brake and throttle thanks to load cell used in both pedals. The high spec of components combined with incredibly tight tolerances provide zero lateral play at all components and operation is completely silent with a very refined feel thanks to non-metal end stoppers at max pedal range eliminating the typical 'click' or 'clank' of metal on metal contact
  • Custom-built Gaming PC: Same as our mainstream build but with an upgraded CPU and GPU to support large triple screen setup on a variety of titles; Intel Core i7 -13700KFRTX 409032 GB DDR4 RAM, and 1 TB SSD. All PC builds come with a free 3-month subscription to iRacing! (only valid for new iRacing members)
  • 3 x (Triple) 75" TVs: using Pit Lane Sim Racing's own Triple Monitor Stand for commercial applications, the triple stands provide the necessary Field of View (FOV) for a cockpit this large.
  • Build Time: approx. 20 weeks


True Custom Turnkey Solution

When it comes to a turnkey solution, you want to make sure everything you are buying is compatible, well thought out to suit your goal and uses, and gives the best value for the money. This does not mean giving up customization! Do you like this package but would like a different wheel? Upgrade your graphics card or CPU? Different pedals? We can upgrade anything you want, and custom does not mean losing value. We will charge only the premium between the price of the component in this package and the one you want. Same if you want to add something (i.e. button box, VR headset, etc.)


Trusted Experience

We have built enough simulators to make sure nothing is missed from cables, to UPS, to keybaords, to headsets.

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