About Us

Pit Lane Sim Racing


By racers, for racers. Pit Lane Sim Racing launched in 2019 with the goal of better serving sim racers. After shopping around to build a good home setup on a budget for some virtual seat time during the track offseason, it became clear that there was much needed support that was missing to help navigate endless options of sim gear. Our focus is to simplify shopping, provide support for builds in all stages or levels, and offer the most bang for the buck so you can have the best performance possible within a given budget. We carry products to suit every sim racer from entry level stands and wheels to pro level motion simulators, peripherals, and turnkey solutions.

With real-world driving experience in wheel to wheel (W2W), time trials, and rallycross, we know what driving competitively is supposed to feel like. Sim gear is about more than spec sheets. Feedback, response, and feel are key to bridge the gap between virtual and real driving.


Tried & True

Many sim racers often wonder who makes the best wheel or cockpit, what is compatible with their games, what cockpit will be comfortable and feel like sitting in a car, etc. We find products that are tried and true, tested, and loved by home racers and professionals alike, but that's not all. We partner with suppliers who support us in helping our customers with troubleshooting, guidance, and warranty coverage. We are always on the lookout for new products that better serve a gap so we are able to offer a complete range for all sim racers at every budget.


What Sets Us Apart

Racing is our passion but we can do so much more. Our sim lounge allows us to torture test a wide range of products and with our in-house engineering and CAD, custom solutions are no problem. From commercial to institutional to home systems, small or large, if you can imagine it, we can build it. With a growing offering ranging from cars to aircraft to heavy equipment, we can do a lot more than sim racing. Got a project? Drop us a line and let's build it!

We are proud to be an official partner and distributor of Qubic System, MOZA Racing, Simucube, Cube Controls, SIMGRADE, Next Level Racing, and Thrustmaster. Find out more about Our Partners and why they are leaders in their categories.


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