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Book your session now and save 30% using code Save30 at checkout!  Applies to all individual and multi simulator bookings (excluding parties) so bring friends and drive together for the best experience. 

Driving with friends? Choose to add more simulators at checkout to drive together or race each other!


Got questions? Call at 902-466-RACE (7223) or email and we would be happy to help! Full pricing below.
Pit Lane Sim Racing Driving & Flight Simulator Lounge Prices
Want to set up your own private tournament or open world driving experience with a friend or a group? We have six simulators that could be booked at the same time and set up allowing six drivers in the same race or open world in Assetto Corsa or Forza at the same time! 

What do our Motion Simulators do?

Our Motion Simulators are powered by two Next Level Racing motion platforms; the Motion Platform V3 and Traction Plus platform. The result is taking simulation to the next level, both in terms of sheer fun as well as feedback and communicating what the car is doing. 

The Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3 is designed and engineered to be the most advanced professional-level consumer platform on the market. The platform is a product forged from years of simulation expertise combined with world leading European motion and software engineers and that lets you feel acceleration, braking, car body roll, and partial bumps/impact.

Combined with the Next Level Racing Traction Plus platform this setup simulates essentially everything a car does and compensates for anything not directly simulated. The result is incredible levels of vehicle feedback to the driver to feel exactly what the vehicle is doing by precisely delivering sway, surge, roll, pitch, understeer and front traction loss (critical feature usually only experienced in advanced 6 DOF motion platforms), oversteer and rear traction loss, power slides and drifting, partial heave, vehicle and road effects such as road surface, bumps, wheel lock/spin, gear changes, etc. and shunting effects (to feel side impact contact from opponents/wall). 

For display, you can choose triple 50" screens offering surround field of view or Virtual Reality headsets for ultimate immersion. 


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For Group and Party bookings, please give us a call at 902-466-RACE (7223) or email

Group Rate A - 10% off anytime you book more than one simulator at the same time!

Group Rate B - 20% off anytime you book all six simulators at the same time!

Family Rate - 20% off any family booking for more than one simulator; includes parents/children or siblings.

Pit Lane Sim Racing Sim Lounge

Full Lounge Rates: All full lounge bookings include the entire lounge (i.e. no other customers). They are perfect for corporate events, yearend parties, birthdays, and more!- If you would like the staff to help set up a cake or snacks or decorations in the back, please schedule an extra half an hour before your booking and we will be happy to help you set up at no extra charge!

1 Hour Full Lounge:  $149.99 + HST Add motion simulation for just $50!

2 Hour Full Lounge:  $249.99 + HST Add motion simulation for just $100!

3 Hour Full Lounge:  $399.99 + HST Add motion simulation for just $150!

4 Hour Full Lounge:  $499.99 + HST Add motion simulation for just $200!

8 Hour Full Lounge:  $899.99 + HST Add motion simulation for just $300!


Looking to buy the perfect gift? You can buy gift cards in any amount right here! Pit Lane Sim Racing Gift Cards 


Our Virtual World & Tracks 

We have the full list of iRacing Tracks & Cars available for all simulators, regardless of simulator choice, plus you will have the option to log out of our public accounts and use your own for iRacers who want to use their own cars and rankings and just run their usual series right from our sim lounge! We have two titles right now that you can choose from! 

1. iRacing: the world's leading virtual racing simulator with the largest online community, including all tracks and track configurations and all cars (as soon as they become available to us).

2. Assetto Corsa: test a wide range of street cars and modified cars with incredibly accurate physics and tire models on race tracks and drift tracks from all around the world.

3. Forza Horizon 4 including the Welcome Pack, Bond Cars, and Formula Drift if you are looking for a more laid back driving and gaming experience. You can still use any of our simulators with Forza Horizon, including full motion!

In the future and based on demand, we are working on adding the following titles:

- Forza Motorsport


Height and age restrictions: Anyone taller than 4 ft can use the simulators regardless of age! Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are restricted to those 13 years or older as recommended by manufacturer. If you want to bring children younger than 13 years old, they can still use any of the simulators as long as they are over 4 ft, they would simply be limited to the screens instead of the VR headsets.


For information on our virtual racing and time attack tournaments, head over to PLSR eRacing Tournament and PLSR eTime Attack.