Pit Lane Sim Racing HPDE

Pit Lane Sim Racing High Performance School HPDE


Have you been waiting for an entry into high performance driving or you are ready to make the jump from virtual to real? Pit Lane Sim Racing's HPDE is a focused high performance driving school aimed at putting instruction and building good habits first, pace and speed second. Whether you have been driving for years and looking for ways to improve your driving or you are just looking to get started, we can help you reach your goal with a focused agenda and one-on-one instructor seat time whenever you are on track.

Pit Lane Sim Racing HPDE Classroom


Our school starts with a classroom session the night before right in our sim lounge to teach or refresh the basics; flags, track etiquette, and passing rules. Following 'housekeeping' rules, you will be presented with a brief introduction to theory and physics governing high performance driving as you approach the limit including weight transfer, managing grip, traction loss, aerodynamics, braking, and more. This will help prepare you the next day to better understand and deal with the feedback from your car on track.

The school runs at our local track; Atlantic Motorsport Park. A 1.6-mile (2.6 km) track packed with 11 turns and an isn't-straight back straight. There are elevation changes at every corner, changing radius turns, and off camber turns. If you can drive smoothly and consistently here, you can anywhere. Book now online or by contacting us to reserve your spot!


Data Driven Coaching

Thanks to our sponsor RaceBox, we are able to bring data-based coaching to all our drivers at our schools. Each car will be fitted with a RaceBox Mini S transponder device for the duration of the school. RaceBox Mini S is the most advanced 25 Hz GPS device thanks to its accuracy and on board storage. It is the perfect device for coaching due to the lack of display and ability to work without an active phone connection and store sessions. This ensures no one can get too caught up chasing times during the event.

After the event, all new data will be retrieved and reviewed with each instructor including where the car is on track, braking points, turn in points, lines, smoothness, etc. and also compared to a benchmark of the instructor in your car. This will provide better targeted coaching at the following event towards consistency and smoothness. Subsequently, we will have new data from the following event which will be added to each driver's database to continue to grow and provide coaching based on real data from each subsequent event.
PLSR HPDE RaceBox Mini S

No Timing or Racing

Timing will not be allowed or permitted during the event. There will be no focus or effort dedicated to bringing lap times down at our schools. All focus will be put towards improving driving. We are bringing our experience in reviewing data for optimizing laps to coaching at all levels. Lap times will come down as a byproduct - guaranteed - but that isn't the focus. More advanced performance & lap time-based coaching is available on private days.

Get Ready

Get your car ready for track now and come join us! Not sure if your car is ready? Every participant will have to provide a completed tech inspection form and follow the Atlantic Regional Motorsports (ARMS) pre-run checklist. If your car passes MVI and the attached check list, you are good to go. Please note that in addition to the self tech, it is very strongly recommended that you do a full brake fluid flush with DOT4 fluid.

Make sure to start preparing now! You don't want to start the check last minute in case any maintenance or repairs are needed and especially if you need new brake pads so you have enough time to get them properly bedded in according to manufacturer requirements. 

Safety is our number 1 priority. We will take all reasonable measures to minimize risks which means that all cars must be checked before going on track. Marshals and track officials can pull a car off track and not permit it back on for the rest of the day for mechanical issues. This is for the safety of everyone participating.

Have any questions? Get in touch now.