PL Simulators Commercial Solutions


Recognizing the different needs for business and institutional simulator applications, we set out to have a dedicated branch focusing on commercial & institutional simulator solutions. Pit Lane SIMulators mission is to provide tailored simulator services and solutions to commercial and institutional customers. Powered by a team of engineers and techs with over 25 years of combined experience, we are dedicated to developing solutions that are innovative, effective, and dependable for every application including recreational, training, or research.

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PL Simulators Porsche Preview

Our growing list of commercial and institutional customers in Canada and the US includes countless Porsche, DHL, BCIT, Catawba College, LMU, among many others.

Built upon years of experience building, operating, and maintaining simulators, what sets us apart is not only our experience, but also our complete in-house Engineering capability with a full Computer Aided Design (CAD) suite in 3D. The majority of projects don’t require customized solutions but if you do, you can be confident that you will end up with a properly configured and engineered solution.

Backed by in-house rapid prototyping (3D Printing) including large format printers and various material printing capacities, design validation and testing is quicker and more cost efficient.