Sim Centre


Experience sim racing like never before. Our fully equipped showroom will feature multiple setups from Next Level Racing to either try before buying or drop in and race. You'll be able to experience a range of fully equipped GT Track and F-GT cockpits, including Next Level Racing Traction Plus and V3 Motion Platforms on the flagship units with unparalleled immersion.

The Traction Plus platform combined with the Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3 provides incredible levels of vehicle feedback to the driver to feel exactly what the vehicle is doing by precisely delivering sway, surge, roll, pitch, understeer and front traction loss (critical feature usually only experienced in 6dof motion platforms), oversteer and rear traction loss, power slides and drifting, partial heave, vehicle and road effects such as road surface, bumps, wheel lock/spin, gear changes, etc. and shunting effects (to feel side impact contact from opponents/wall).

- Coming soon to Dartmouth, NS, our Sim Experience Centre will be the first and only one of its kind in all the Maritimes!