PLSR eRacing Tournament

Want to compete in the upcoming Pit Lane Sim Racing eRacing Tournament? Turn up the volume and get ready for the first ever Pit Lane Sim Racing eTournament powered by iRacing and run right from our simulators. This will be a spec series using only one car for every competitor to make it a true driver's race, but to make things more interesting, every round will be a different car and track. We started off Round 1 with the excellent mid-engine Porsche 919 RSR. The combination of power, aero, traction, and flexibility makes the 919 RSR one of the best cars to start with. Round 2 moved to the Ferrari 488 GTE racer with over 100 race wins under its belt. For the upcoming Round 3, we talked to the drivers and they opted for momentum over power; an MX-5 Cup Car so that's what we are going with. Want to be a part of this and think you can challenge our current drivers? The rules are pretty simple:

1. Register online (cost will be $45 plus tax per driver)

2. Qualifying runs Monday. Come in any time during our operating hours to run your session. Each driver gets 30 min to practice & qualify on any simulator they choose that is available at the time (please book below, email, or call ahead to book).

3. Drivers will be ranked based on quali time and split into groups if there are more than six (6) to run 30 min live sprint races in our lounge. The fastest time in each group/bracket gets first choice of simulator, then the next fastest, then the next, and so on and so forth.

4. Sprint races will run Tuesday evenings. We will send an email with qualifying times and drivers in every bracket/run group.

5. The winner of the bottom (i.e. lowest quali time) bracket of six advances to the next bracket and the winner of that bracket advances to the next, so on and so forth until the final race of the top competitors.

1st Place Overall either gets to return for the next tournament as the defending champion for free or a $50 gift card
2nd Place gets a $25 gift card
3rd Place gets a $15 gift card

If Time Attack is more your thing, head over to our PLSR eTime Attack page for more info (coming soon!).

If you would like to register for this upcoming tournament, contact us with questions at 902-466-RACE (7223) or 

The full motion simulation on the Next Level Racing GT Track cockpits equipped with both the Next Level Racing Traction Plus Platform and the V3 Motion Platform or experience 2 degrees of freedom with the GT Track Cockpit and V3 Motion platform, simulating acceleration, braking, roll, weight transfer, road bumps, and partial impact. 

If you prefer open wheel and F1 racing, we will have the Next Level Racing F-GT cockpit set up in the formula seating position and ready to race. For display, you will have the option of immersive, triple 50" 4K UHD screens with 120 Hz refresh rate or Oculus Rift S Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, with motion simulators adjusted to compensate for VR.

All Simulators will use Thrustmaster TS-PC wheel base with either Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition wheel or Open Wheel. Pedals will be Thrustmaster's new T-LCM Load Cell pedals, with the option of Thrustmaster TH8A shifter and Sparco Handbrake on GT Track Cockpits for manual sim and rallying. For more info, visit our Sim Centre page!