TRAC 2023 eSeries

Pit Lan Sim Racing - TRAC 2023 eSeries


Pit Lane Sim Racing is proud to host the first ever TRAC virtual series this summer for our 2023 eTournament! And we are bringing back open wheels to Atlantic Motorsport Park (AMP). Exact class TBD but it will be F3 or smaller to be a better fit for AMP's short and technical layout.

The calendar will include 8 races with 3 of those at our home track AMP:


- Mosport

- Calabogie


- Montreal F1 circuit

- Area 27

- Tremblant



Interested? Create a free profile below to receive updates and join to compete. Individual race winners will be able to use our sponsor passes to attend TRAC races at AMP and watch the races, in addition to overall series podium prizes: 

- 1st overall: TRAC 2023 eSeries 1st place trophy & free 3 months PLSR Pro Racer membership

- 2nd overall: TRAC 2023 eSeries 2nd place trophy & free 2 months PLSR Po Racer membership

- 3rd overall: TRAC 2023 eSeries 2nd place trophy & free 1 month PLSR Pro Racer membership


Pit Lane Sim Racing TRAC Sponsor


Pit Lane Sim Racing is proud to return a 3rd year as a series sponsor for TRAC - Atlantic Canada's premiere road racing series. Head over to TRAC to learn more about the series, drivers, and this year's calendar.

Curious what our membership includes? PLSR Sim Racer's Club members enjoy plenty of benefits and a growing community, with more to be added as we grow. Create a FREE PLSR Member Profile here to receive updates about registration for the 2023 TRAC eSeries. You don't need to buy a membership to create your free profile! Already have a Member Profile? Log in here: