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Qubic System 6 DOF QS-S25 Advanced Motion Simulator

Why Qubic Systems? Qubic System spun off from its parent company Motion Systems to focus on development of unparalleled professional-grade motion simulators based on their in-house developed and built patent-pending and best-in-class fast acting linear actuators.

With genuine 6 Degrees of Freedom (6 DOF), 4 DOF, 3 DOF, and 2 DOF systems, all using the same fast acting, fast response linear actuators, Qubic builds a wide range of motion simulators with the best technology the industry has to offer and performance/capability essentially unmatched by any one this side of a pro F1 team.


MOZA Racing R16 Direct Drive Wheel Base & Dash

Why MOZA Racing? MOZA Racing launched the R9 Direct Drive Wheel base in March 2022 and it immediately caught our attention. MOZA is new to the Direct Drive (DD) sim racing wheel market but it is backed by Automotive engineers and Sim Racing drivers dedicated to designing and building sim racing hardware and software products that bridge the gap between entry/mid range products and high end/premium products. The performance and quality offered by MOZA at their price point makes for an unbeatable value that makes the performance accessible to more sim racers than ever.

Simucube SC2 Ultimate Direct Drive Wheel Base

Why Simucube? As the official eSports supplier of the AMG Petronas ESPORTS Team, Simucube is focused on professional grade sim racing direct drive wheels. We are proud to partner with Simucube and offer our customers the ultimate DD wheels across a wide range of needs.

Quickly becoming the Global Standard for Direct Drive wheels, SIMUCUBE 2 has been built around a precision robotics grade industrial motor powered by electronics and software fused together to form a flawless monolithic design. Everything is optimized to perform at the highest level, with virtually no latency (sub 0.001 s), high range, incredible accuracy, and natural signal processing. 


Cammus WB15 Nm Direct Drive Wheel Base & GT Wheel 2 in 1 bundle

Why CAMMUS? A little-known gem of a team of motorsports enthusiasts at CAMMUS is responsible for engineering and producing a mid-engine, handmade 500 hp electric supercar, an 11 hp go kart, and sim racing gear. You can be sure they know a thing or two about how driving at the limit is supposed to feel like and translate that to sim racing. 

Their innovative WB15 direct drive wheelbase not only provides excellent bang for the buck at the mid-range 15 Nm output, it is also incredibly smooth, responsive, and tactile. To top it off, CAMMUS's innovative and unique wheelbase enclosure features several programmable inputs right on the face plate of the wheelbase, making it much more useable if paired with an aftermarket racing wheel with no button plate. 


Cube Controls CSX-3 Sim Racing Custom Steering Wheel & Built-in Dash

Why Cube Controls? Cube Controls is an undisputed leader in premium, hand-made sim racing steering wheels with incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail. Designed and built in Italy, Cube Controls offers a wide range of wheel designs and features to suit use and application of different motorsports and racers.


SIMGRADE Advanced Load Cell Sim Racing Pedals

Why SIMGRADE? One of SIMGRADE's THERA pedals main features is an all billet aluminum structure, but it might as well have been carved from a solid piece of granite. The moment you pull these pedals out of the box, the build quality makes a strong impression and for good reason. It is clear that it was built to very high specs and very low tolerances, with a neat simplistic design that makes it very functionally beautiful. Backed by an innovative, adjustable on-the-fly design, realistic brake force simulation, load cells used in all 3 pedals for tunability through a powerful calibration software, SIMGRADE promises quality and performance that is class leading.

Thrustmaster T818 Ferrari SF1000 Direct Drive Simulator Bundle

Why Thrustmaster? Thrustmaster is an iconic e-racing brand with nearly 30 years of experience in developing gaming controllers and accessories. Since starting in 1990, Thrustmaster was focused on increasing realism in gaming and developed the "Millennium" joystick under license from NASA with help from engineers and pilots from the US Air Force, US Navy, and NASA. Their first Ferrari-licensed racing wheel followed a few years later in 1999.

Thrustmaster has always put an emphasis on developing products and accessories which benefit from prestigious licenses. Today, Thrustmaster offers several products under license from Ferrari, Sparco, and F1. Furthermore, Thrustmaster's efforts are more than skin-deep. With innovative and patented feedback technologies, Thrustmaster's wheels and pedals look AND feel realistic and immersive.

Next Level Racing F GT Elite Complete Cockpit

Why Next Level Racing? Founded in 2009, Next Level Racing quickly became at the forefront of the sim racing industry, thanks to exceptional innovation and quality. As an official global sales partner with Thrustmaster, every cockpit, stand, and accessory is guaranteed to fit and be compatible with the Thrustmaster controllers we carry, in addition to all major sim racing gear manufacturers.

We are not the only ones to recognize Next Level Racing's excellent products. Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, NASA, Microsoft, and Bosch are just a few of Next Level Racing's many clients. With their incredible motion simulation platforms, Next Level Racing's product range includes products that meet every sim racing need.


ButtKicker Gamer Haptic Feedback Simulator

Why ButtKicker? The ultimate in Haptic feedback for racing and flight sim, ButtKicker needs no introduction. Haptic feedback is easily dismissed by those who have never tried it but once you experience it, you can't go back. It brings an incredible depth to the simulation experience which not only makes it significantly more immersive and fun, it communicates so much more about what is happening at the tires and through the suspension allowing you to push harder and respond quicker.

With ButtKicker's optional HaptiConnect Track Pak software, feedback now is based on telemetry and not just audio simulating valuable feedback about traction, grip, road surface, ABS, and much more. The only iRacing officially approved haptic software, it is also compatible with Assetto Corsa and ACC, F1, Dirt Rally and many more, plus Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 for our flight sim customers.