PLSR eTime Attack Tournament

Pit Lane Sim Racing lounge Tournament


Our FIRST eTime Attack Round is now live! We are still running our W2W Racing eTournament and will continue to host it, but we also know that some people just want to go against the clock and push for the absolute best lap time. Our very first virtual eTime Attack tournament allows anyone to compete. Just register, drop in, and put down your best lap. NEW BOOKING SYSTEM COMING! For new bookings, please contact us at 902-466-RACE (7223) or 


  • Maximum 4 runs/week/driver. There is no limit on practice sessions.
  • You don't need to register 4 runs to qualify. If you are happy with one run, that is enough.
  • Each run will consist of one out lap and 3 HOT laps. Your best lap time from all your runs for the week will count.
  • Practice sessions are booked just like any regular sessions. Time from practice sessions does not qualify.
  • Cost per run is $12.99 (plus tax). Cost is fixed regardless of your simulator choice!
  • One third of registration fees will go towards a Prize Purse! The Prize Purse will be distributed to Podium (Top 3)
    • 1st Place: 50% of Purse
    • 2nd Place: 30% of Purse
    • 3rd Place: 20% of Purse

    Track and Restricted Tournament Car Class can change weekly. We will leave it up to consensus from the competitors just like we do with our Racing Tournament. All cars will run fixed factory setup.

    Our Simulators

    The full motion simulation on the Next Level Racing GT Track cockpits equipped with both the Next Level Racing Traction Plus Platform and the V3 Motion Platform or experience 2 degrees of freedom with the GT Track Cockpit and V3 Motion platform, simulating acceleration, braking, roll, weight transfer, road bumps, and partial impact. 

    If you prefer open wheel and F1 racing, we will have the Next Level Racing F-GT cockpit set up in the formula seating position and ready to race. For display, you will have the option of immersive, triple 50" 4K UHD screens with 120 Hz refresh rate or Oculus Rift S Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, with motion simulators adjusted to compensate for VR.

    All Simulators will use Thrustmaster TS-PC wheel base with either Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition wheel or Open Wheel. Pedals will be Thrustmaster's new T-LCM Load Cell pedals, with the option of Thrustmaster TH8A shifter and Sparco Handbrake on GT Track Cockpits for manual sim and rallying. For more info, visit our Sim Centre page!