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CAMMUS WB15 15 Nm Direct Drive Servo Wheel Base

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What does a mid-engine, handmade 500 hp electric supercar, an 11 hp* go kart, and a sim racing setup have in common? CAMMUS. A little-known gem of a team of motorsports enthusiasts at CAMMUS is responsible for engineering and producing all these products so you can be sure they know a thing or two about how driving at the limit is supposed to feel like and translate that to sim racing. 

The WB15 is a 15 Nm direct drive wheelbase that not only provides excellent bang for the buck at the mid-range 15 Nm output, it is also incredibly smooth, responsive, and tactile. To top it off, CAMMUS's innovative and unique wheelbase enclosure features several programmable inputs right on the face plate of the wheelbase, making it much more useable if paired with an aftermarket racing wheel with no button plate. 

 * exact output is 8 kW or 10.7 hp

Key Features

  • 15 Nm rated peak torque
  • Black anodized aluminum enclosure
  • Compatible with 6x70 PCD and 6x74 PCD wheel mounting patterns out of the box
  • 9 Programmable inputs including 2 switches, 2 rotary knobs, and 5 buttons on the wheelbase
  • Integrated wheelbase cooling fan
  • Powerful app for tuning feedback strength, sensitivity, suspension impact force, and much more as well as preset profiles including a drift mode


CAMMUS DDWB WB15 Direct Drive Wheelbase Button Face plate

The Most Flexible Wheelbase

The CAMMUS WB15 wheelbase was built to be very flexible, especially when it comes to using aftermarket wheels. Where the majority of direct drive wheelbases out there require an adaptor or wheel side quick release to be able to bolt on an aftermarket steering wheel, the WB15 hub mount supports 6x70 PCD and 6x74 PCD mounting patterns right out of the box. This makes it compatible with a huge range of aftermarket racing wheels with no additional cost.

Taking the flexible design one step further, CAMMUS includes 9 programmable inputs on the wheelbase faceplate. Using a buttonless wheel? No button box? No problem. 2 switches, 2 rotary knobs, and 5 buttons easily accessible on the front of the wheelbase can be programmed/mapped to the functions you need most to adjust on the fly.


CAMMUS DDWB WB15 Direct Drive Wheelbase Cooling Fan

Keepin' Cool

In addition to the typical passive cooling fins incorporated in the wheelbase housing typically used, the WB15 housing includes a small built in fan for additional cooling as needed during longer stints to maintain rated performance and keeps temps down.


Bespoke Design

CAMMUS use a servo motor engineered from the ground up specifically for sim racing to provide powerful 15 Nm of force feedback torque. Instead of using an off the shelf industrial motor, CAMMUS uses their own custom design servo motors that are engineered specifically for sim racing and without any compromise. Of course, great hardware is wasted without proper control. The integrated electronics are rigorously tested and CE & FCC Certified for peace of mind. 

CAMMUS DDWB WB15 Direct Drive Wheelbase App

Powerful App

The CAMMUS app allows a wide range of parameter adjustment and equipment management of the WB15 wheelbase as sim racers have come to expect from their wheelbases, such as:

  • Steering angle range
  • Torque
  • Sensitivity
  • Friction
  • and more

The app also includes a wide range of preset parameters based on type of driving (i.e. road racing, drifting, etc.) as well as preset intensity levels (i.e. low, medium, and high). 



  • WB15 15 Nm Direct Drive wheelbase
  • Power Supply
  • USB Cable
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Warranty & Use Manual


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