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Cube Controls

Cube Controls CSX-3 Formula Steering Wheel

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The CSX-3 is the new standard of Formula racing steering wheels. The Cube Controls CSX steering wheel enters its 3rd generation, making the ultimate offering for serious sim racers. 


Key Features

  • Native SIMHUB supported 4" full-colors touch-screen LCD display
  • 3rd gen electronics
  • Customizable RGB LED buttons
  • 100% pure carbon fiber front plate
  • CNC aluminum main body, knobs and joystick
  • Q-conn connection,

The Next-Gen steering wheel

The most beloved steering wheel is back with its third iteration. CSX-3 is designed to push the boundaries of the premium experience further and fulfill the expectations of a real racer.

The CSX-3 is a no cost spared formula steering wheel, featuring redesign electronics and an integrated 4" HD screen with native SIMHUB compatibility. And unlike the majority of formula steering wheels available with an integrated screen, the CSX-3 features a touch LCD screen for faster interactions.


Cube Firmware & Software

In the download section, you can find the latest version of the software. New firmware versions will be periodically released to improve the system stability and bring new options.

True Magnetic Connector

The Magnetic Connector/Coupler is specifically designed to ensure a secure connection while keeping safe the product in case too many strong forces will be applied to the connector.


Configurable Controls

20 programmable input controls including 12 buttons, 8 rotary encoders two of which with dual function as toggle/joysticks and 2 are ergonomically integrated into the grips, plus shift paddles and clutch paddles that all combine with customizable RGB LED indicators and backlit buttons. In addition to functionality and versatility, the CSX-3 makes for a beautifully striking wheel from the first glance and at every use.

Compatible Force Feedback wheel bases:

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