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Cube Controls

Cube Controls F-PRO Formula Steering Wheel

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From Cube Controls, a clear and undisputed leader in design and manufacturing of sim racing wheels, welcome a new generation that is designed to bring your sim racing experience to a whole new level. 

The F-Pro is a Formula steering wheel features a UBS+Bluetooth Dual-Mode connection and completely customizable RGB Backlit buttons giving you an unprecedented level of freedom.

Key Features

  • 2,000 mAh Battery allowing up to 50 hrs of wireless use
  • 100% Carbon Fiber front plate
  • Die-cast aluminum main body
  • Custom-designed magnetic switchless shifter paddles with adjustable stop ends, ball bearing and improved tactile feedback
  • Magnetic connectors
  • Double joystick


Cube Controls F Pro Sim Steering Wheel

The Next-Gen steering wheel

With F-PRO, a new generation of Formula Cube Controls steering wheels is born. This model combines the most requested updates from the community, creating an extremely versatile product. F-PRO is Plug & Play and, thanks to its Dual-Mode nature, it guarantees superior compatibility without giving up options. The magnetic coupling of the new Q-Conn connector also protects the steering wheel by avoiding stress on the power cable during battery charging and racing sessions in USB mode. Its RGB buttons are individually configurable with infinite color combinations to make your sim experience even more unique.


Calibration-free Paddles

F-PRO is a plug & play product and doesn’t require shifter paddles calibration as per the classic collection of formula wheels, but you can adjust the bite-point of the clutches and customize the light of the buttons through its proprietary software.

Cube Controls F Pro Sim Steering Wheel Paddles


Cube Firmware & Software

In the download section, you can find the latest version of the software. New firmware versions will be periodically released to improve the system stability and bring new options.

True Magnetic Connector

The Magnetic Connector/Coupler is specifically designed to ensure a secure connection while keeping safe the product in case too many strong forces will be applied to the connector.


Cube Controls F Pro Sim Steering Wheels LED and buttons


Configurable Controls

20 programmable input controls including 12 buttons, 8 rotary encoders two of which with dual function as toggle/joysticks, plus shift paddles and clutch paddles that all combine with customizable RGB LED indicators and backlit buttons. The F-Pro makes for an immersive and realistic driving experience for casual and experienced sim racers.


Large 2,000 mAh Battery

From 20 up to 50 hours depending on the brightness level that you will choose for the RGB LEDs. You can customize them through the F-PRO software.

Reliable Bluetooth Connection

Cube Controls F-PRO will pair instantly to your PC as any other Bluetooth device, bypassing the wheelbase. Input lag is close to zero. However, we recommend using a good Bluetooth Receiver adapter on your computer.


Compatible Force Feedback wheel bases:

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