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MOZA Racing

MOZA Racing R16 16 Nm Torque Direct Drive Wheel Base

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The MOZA R9 wheel base may have been stealing all the spot light lately, but the R16 is the powerhouse of the lineup. Sits comfortably in the midrange, the R16 uses a motor that's twice as powerful and with 78% more peak torque. If you are looking for more oomph without breaking the bank, Racing R16 Direct Drive wheel is an excellent solution that looks like no other direct drive wheel base out there.

MOZA Racing is new to the Direct Drive (DD) sim racing wheel market but it is backed by Automotive engineers and Sim Racing drivers  dedicated to designing and building sim racing hardware and software products that bridge the gap between entry/mid range products and high end/premium products for unmatched value. 


Key Features

  • 16 Nm rated sustained peak torque
  • 100% all-aluminum alloy Housing
  • Advanced temperature control for extended endurance racing
  • 18 bit (262,144 values) signal resolution for excellent fidelity and accuracy
  • Lightning fast signal processing for fast response and precise FFB control
  • App Control: MOZA Racing app allows control of FFB levels and extra Cloud Storage for preferred settings for seamless transition across simulators or PCs


Built Right

MOZA Racing uses compact, lightweight commercial grade servo motors to ensure high levels of performance and reliability. Feel everything through an optimized motor design, offering practically zero torque ripple, notching, or cogging. Combined with powerful 16 Nm torque delivery, hard braking, curbs, and drifts are felt more clearly and accurately and with a greater contrast due to the bandwidth of torque output. The motor is packaged inside an all-aluminum alloy wheel housing for increased durability. 


MOZA Racing R16 Direct Drive Internals

Keep Cool

Advanced temperature control strategy using built-in temperature sensors and motor cooling for real-time heat management. This ensures stable operation and consistent feedback under extended use and endurance races. In testing, the R16 did not reduce output or attenuate torque as a result of overheating.

MOZA Racing Pit House Force Feedback

Powerful Software

MOZA Pit House software included with the wheel base allows advanced levels of configuration and tuning of force feedback to deliver your desired steering feel and response. Regardless of sim/game, you will get control of feedback intensity, max torque levels, signal damping, ABS feedback, and much more.

Zero Latency Wireless Wheel

    MOZA Racing Wireless wheels allow easy attachment with zero latency wireless connection for steering wheel control signal. The wheel base is compatible with all MOZA Racing wireless sim racing peripherals including steering wheels, dash, meter, and pedals.

    MOZA Racing Direct Drive Wheel Base built in Quad core CPU

    Fast and Precise Signal Processing

    QUAD Core Processor Architecture: unique Quad Core built-in CPUs can reliably process required force feedback with precision and consistency. The unique, fast signal processing is backed by an 18-bit (262,144 values) signal resolution, ensuring excellent fidelity and accuracy.


    • Wheel Base R16
    • DC power supply/supplies
    • Power Cord
    • Data cable
    • Screw kit
    • Quick start guide & Warranty card


    Compatible Products:

    MOZA Racing Direct Drive wheelbases are compatible with bottom mount and front mount configurations.


    Moza Racing R16 DD Wheel Specs

    Applicable Platform PC
    Driving type Direct Drive
    Maximum Steering Angle Unlimited
    Housing Material Aluminum Alloys
    Maximum Torque 16 N·m
    Maximum Power 360W
    Input voltage 110V~220V AC —>36V DC
    USB Refresh Rate 1000Hz
    Wheel Base Indicator Light Applicable
    APP Functionalities Applicable
    Quick Release Applicable
    Connection Port Starting Switch, Power Supply, Data, Emergency Stop Switch, Display Screen
    Accessories User Guide, Warranty Card, Power Supply, USB Cable, Took Kit
    Mounting The 4-Hole pattern on the underside, optional side mount support with bracket
    Table Clamp Optional
    Side Mounting Optional
    Emergency Stop Switch Optional
    Firmware Updating Optional
    Size (L x W x H) 12.9" x 6.7" x 5.1" (327 mm x 170 mm x 130 mm)

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