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MOZA Racing

MOZA Racing R3 Xbox Direct Drive Bundle

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This is it, the package every console racer has been waiting for. Meet the official MOZA Xbox Bundle - the R3 Direct Drive bundle. Don't let the name fool you, the R3 is actually almost an R4 with 3.9 Nm peak torque on tap. 
With MOZA's continuously refined force feedback (FFB) control, the officially Xbox licensed bundle brings out-of-the-box plug and play Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S combability, the R3 is sure to revolutionize racing on console. And of course, compatibility with PC means it will allow easy plug and play compatibility if you decide to switch to PC. 


Key Features

  • Official plug and play Xbox compatibility (PC Compatible as well with Windows 10/11)
  • 3.9 Nm rated peak torque
  • 100% Aluminum Housing
  • Advanced temperature control for extended endurance racing
  • Lightning fast signal processing for fast response and precise FFB control
  • App Control: MOZA Racing app allows control of FFB levels and extra Cloud Storage for preferred settings for seamless transition across simulators or PCs
  • Mobile App control


MOZA Racing R3 Bundle Official Xbox

Officially Licensed Xbox Product

By (very) popular demand, MOZA has finally introduced its first console direct drive wheel base. MOZA Racing have collaborated with Microsoft to create an officially licensed,, fully plug and play bundle for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.


Ultra low torque ripple and groove torque

Countless hours have been spent with local engineers and motorsport experts to achieve the best steering possible, featuring ultra-low torque ripple and groove, for a smoother experience than ever. The R3’s punches above its nomenclature with 3.9Nm motor consistently delivers class leading direct drive power and precisely detailed force feedback easily outperforming traditional 3 Nm bases.


Compact Adaptable Design

Like the R5 bundle, the R3 bundle was designed to allow everyone to jump right in so a table/desk clamp is included. From desktop to fully dedicated rigs, the R3’s compact design can be easily adapted to fit any scenario regardless of available space.

MOZA Racing R3 3.9 Nm Direct Drive Base

Built Right

With a base crafted from aviation-grade aluminum alloy an ISF PU grips steering wheel and high-strength steel pedals. The R3 sets a new standard that will be the benchmark for entry-level racing.

MOZA Racing uses compact, lightweight commercial grade servo motors to ensure high levels of performance and reliability. The motor is packaged inside an all-aluminum alloy wheel housing for increased durability. 

Intelligent Temperature Control

Advanced temperature control strategy using built-in temperature sensors and motor cooling for real-time heat management. This ensures stable operation and consistent feedback under extended use and endurance races.

MOZA Racing R3 DD Base Temperature Control

Powerful Software

MOZA Pit House software included with the bundle allows levels of configuration and tuning of force feedback to deliver your desired steering feel and response. Regardless of sim/game, you will get control of feedback intensity, max torque levels, signal damping, ABS feedback, and much more.

Plug & Play

Use MOZA Racing recommended settings developed by MOZA and experienced racers so you can strap in and go racing right away, 

But if you want more, you can adjust everything from shifter paddles, knobs, joysticks, rpm lights, etc. of the steering wheel including the clutch engagement point of the paddles, the rotary dial mode, the color of the rpm lights, the relationship between the rpm timing and engine speed, the brightness of buttons and rpm lights, etc.

To allow full customization and optimisation, we offer up to 15 force feedback-related adjustment options, such as mechanical friction and road feel sensitivity, etc. Furthermore, we provide explanations on the correlation between each parameter and the respective feeling next to each option.

Continuous Updates

With one-click updating, you can quickly and easily update Pit House and your devices to the latest versions and firmware, ensuring an optimum overall user experience.

Mobile App Control

Real time on the fly adjustments can be made using the MOZA mobile app including hassle free setup transfers to new devices.



  • R3 DD Base
  • Power Cord
  • Cable Clip
  • ES Steering Wheel
  • Wire Harness x2
  • Anti-slip Silicon Pad x2
  • SR-P Lite Racing Pedals
  • Screws (multiple sizes)
  • M6 Flat Pad x4
  • 15 Degree Desk Clamp
  • Spanners (multiple sizes)
  • Moza Logo Stickers
  • Power Adapter
  • Nuts


Compatible Cockpits & Wheel Stands:


Moza Racing R3 Bundle Specs & Features


R3 Base
Supported Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11
Drive Type: Direct Drive
Max Wheel Rotation: 2000°
Housing Material: Aviation-grade Aluminum Alloy
Housing Color: Black
Peak Torque: 3.9 N·m
Input Voltage: 100V~240V AC ->12V DC
USB Refresh rate: 1000Hz
APP Function: Supported
Connection Ports: power, USB, dash, pedals, emergency stop, shifter, and handbrake
Accessories: user manual and warranty card, power supply, data cable, and tool kit.
Fixing Method: bottom mount with 2/4 holes
Upgradable firmware: supported
ES Wheel
Wheel Rim Material: Aluminum Alloy
Shifter Paddle Material: Aluminum Alloy
Size: 280mm
Buttons: 22
High Brightness LEDs: 10 Pcs
Intelligent Telemetry: Supported
RPM LEDs Fully Adjustable through MOZA Pit House: Supported
Release Method: Quick Release
SR-P Lite Pedals
Pedal Material: High Strength Steel
Pedal Plate Material: High Strength Steel
Color: Black
Sensing Method: Hall Sensor
Pedal Spacing: Adjustable
Pedal Plate Height: Adjustable
Pedal Travel Software Adjustment: Supported
Pedal Travel Reversal Function: Supported
Pedal Output Curve: Supported
Anti-slip Pedal Pad: Supported

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Customer Reviews

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