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MOZA Racing

MOZA Racing R5 Sim Bundle - 5.5 Nm Torque DD and SRP Lite Pedals

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If you are looking for the best way to get started with a Direct Drive wheel, the brand new MOZA R5 Sim Racing Bundle just redefined the best bang for the buck. Direct Drive wheel base? Check. Load cell pedals? Check. All-metal pedal frame and arms? Check. MOZA didn't even skimp with a plastic wheel. Instead, you get a newly designed metal-frame steering wheel with programmable buttons and wireless connectivity.


Key Features

  • 5.5 Nm Direct Drive Wheel Base, incl. 100% Aluminum Housing, wireless connectivity, and built in temperature monitoring and control
  • High-strength steel frame and throttle + brake pedals
  • Throttle + Brake pedals can be expanded to add clutch pedal
  • Wireless ES Steering Wheel incl. alum alloy wheel frame, 22 programmable inputs, and LED rev/shift indicator
  • App Control: MOZA Racing app allows control and tuning of FFB and brake pedal response and range. Also included is extra Cloud Storage for preferred settings for seamless transition across simulators or PCs. 


Built Right

MOZA Racing uses compact, lightweight commercial grade servo motors to ensure high levels of performance and reliability. The motor is packaged inside an all-aluminum alloy wheel housing for increased durability. 

The SR-P pedals included are machined with high-strength steel, including frame, heel plate, and pedals, giving superior quality and endurance.

MOZA Racing R9 Advanced Temperature Control

Keep Cool

Advanced temperature control strategy using built-in temperature sensors and motor cooling for real-time heat management. This ensures stable operation and consistent feedback under extended use and endurance races.

MOZA Racing Pit House Force Feedback & Pedal control

Powerful Software for Wheel & Pedals

MOZA Pit House software included with the R5 Bundle allows advanced levels of configuration and tuning of force feedback to deliver your desired steering feel and response. Regardless of sim/game, you will get control of feedback intensity, max torque levels, signal damping, ABS feedback, and much more. Pedal response, range, and linearity are also adjustable through MOZA Pit House to suit driving preferences. 


MOZA SRP Load Cell Pedal

Accurate & Responsive SR-P Lite Pedals

A high-precision Hall sensor ensures maximum stability and durability for your pedals, allowing for consistency and performance. The hall sensors all fine tuning and mapping of pedal response and output through MOZA Pit House, providing a level of control and accuracy not possible in traditional pedals relying on position only for brake output force control.

MOZA R5 Bundle ES Steering Wheel

Included ES Wheel with Zero Latency Wireless Connection

    MOZA Racing Wireless wheels allow easy attachment with zero latency wireless connection for steering wheel control signal.  The included entry level ES Wheel does not skimp where it matters.

    The ES Wheel features:

    • An all alum. alloy frame
    • 11" (279 mm) diameter
    • Microfiber leather wrapped rim
    • Alum. shift paddles
    • 22 programmable inputs
    • Wireless connectivity
    • LED rev/shift indicator
    • Configurable through MOZA Pit House

    MOZA Racing Direct Drive Wheel Base built in Quad core CPU

    Fast and Precise Signal Processing

    QUAD Core Processor Architecture: unique Quad Core built-in CPUs can reliably process required force feedback with precision and consistency.


    • R5 Wheel Base
    • ES Steering Wheel
    • SR-P Lite Pedals (No Clutch)
    • R5 Table Clamp
    • 15 Degree Desktop Mounting Clip
    • Power Supply
    • Power Cable
    • USB Cable
    • Type A to Type B USB Cable
    • Mounting Hardware
      • 12 x M4*10 Socket Screws
      • 2 x M6*20 Socket Head Screws
      • 3 x M8 Nuts
      • 3 x M8*12 Hexagonal Screws
      • 4 x M6x12 Socket Head Screws
      • 2 x Pedal Fixed Rubber Columns
      • 2.5mm Hexagonal Wrench
      • 7mm Open End Wrench
      • 5mm Hexagonal Wrench 

    Compatible Products:

    MOZA Racing Direct Drive wheelbases are compatible with bottom mount and front mount configurations.


    Moza Racing R5 DD Wheel Specs


    Applicable Platform PC
    Driving type Direct Drive
    Maximum Steering Angle Unlimited
    Housing Material Aluminum Alloy
    Maximum Torque 5.5 N·m
    Input voltage 110V~220V AC —>12V DC
    USB Refresh Rate 1000Hz
    APP Functionalities Applicable
    Quick Release Applicable
    Connection Port Starting Switch, Power Supply, Data, Emergency Stop Switch, Display Screen
    Mounting 4 holes on the bottom; exclusive holder that supports angle adjustment and side fix; table clamp
    Emergency Stop Switch Optional
    Wheel Grip Microfiber Leather
    Wheel Frame
    Alum. Alloy
    Wheel Dia.
    11" (279.4 mm)
    Wheel Inputs 22 programmable inputs + alum. paddle shifters
    Pedal Material High strength steel construction (frame, pedal arms, and pedals)
    Pedal Sensors High precision Hall Sensor
    Pedal adjustability Spacing, height, and response/range (through software)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Ronan N.
    Best product you could ask for a $700-800 price point

    I am extremely happy with the Moza R5 bundle with its DD wheelbase. If you look around the sim racing market, you are not getting a better value product than this at a similar price.

    I recommend getting the SRP Lite Brake Performance Kit along with this if you are going with the R5 bundle because the brakes of the SRP lite pedals are not that great straight out of the box. But other than that, this is the product to get if you are looking to upgrade from something like a G29.

    If you are new to sim racing and thinking about getting something like the G923 or T300RS GT bundle, I would suggest to wait and save up for that extra $100-200 because the Moza R5 is way superior to those.

    Pierre Rawicz
    MOZA Racing R5 Sim Bundle

    Great unit for the price. Fast and efficient delivery. Weak point on the bundle is the break pedal that offers very little resistance. Have to install the break mod that I received from Moza Racing and then the pedals become quite decent. Great and user friendly software. Overall quite satisfied. Glad I found Pit Lane Sim Racing!

    erik laflamme

    At this price point it’s awesome. Definitely worth the few extra dollars over any belt/gear driven system I’ve used ( T150/300/tgt1 logitek g9’s) Product arrived and works as promised. The wheel itself is only arcade diameter but feels very good in the hands with the leather wrap. The shifters/buttons all have decent clicks and do what they’re supposed to, nothing fancy. Bottom line is that it’s super smooth and powerful enough to provide enough detail to really feel and understand your cars behavior (at least in my preferred titles ACC, Beamng, Iracing) The pedals are solidly built and I feel will more than likely be up to the long term challenge under foot. The brake pedal definitely required the mod upgrade however, to give a more immersive feel. Hence only four stars as I do feel this could have been included. It’s not expensive though and maybe I’m just nitpicking here because.... it’s a DIRECT DRIVE! with pedals for less money than some of the high end belt wheels. Obviously a load cell and more nm torque would be far superior but in my case, the budget would not allow it. As for the lack of console support, who cares. If you’re upgrading to direct drive from a belt driven system its more than likely you’re also upgrading from bumpercars to a real sim so........(ya I’m talking to you GT7/Forza!) That being said though, there are available aftermarket solutions to trick your console into believing your using a Logiteck wheel if you insist😉. So, if you’re on a strict budget but are still looking to upgrade to DD, this is an affordable entry level system that will assuredly not disappoint.

    Nicolas C.
    Première Direct drive

    Premier volant direct drive que j achète super qualité et super prix c est du solide pédalier en métal aucun plastique volant et la base moteur très rigide.Plate-forme d ajustement simple. Volant très belle qualité et agréable en le service à la clientèle super

    mark pillon
    My First direct drive wheel

    Have had thrustmaster, logitech and momo wheels, but all were belt or gear driven. This moza direct drive is by far, the most realistic force feedback. Couldn't be happier