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MOZA Racing

MOZA Racing RS-D Flat Bottom GT Steering Wheel

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Pair your MOZA Racing DD wheel with classic GT steering wheel design, flat bottom, and centre wheel stripe. The RS-D wheel is a no cost spared wheel with genuine Alcantara wheel rim, brushed aluminum wheel frame, and forged carbon fibre button plate including customizable RGD shift indicator lights.

Although MOZA Racing is new to the Direct Drive (DD) sim racing wheel market, it is backed by Automotive engineers and Sim Racing drivers  dedicated to designing and building sim racing hardware and software products that bridge the gap between entry/mid range products and high end/premium products for unmatched value. 

Key Features

  • Brushed Aluminum Wheel Frame
  • Forged carbon fibre button plate
  • Genuine Italian Made Alcantara wrapped rim
  • Magnetic paddles with photoelectric sensors
  • 12 Programmable buttons including 2 dual function as joy sticks + rotary knobs/encoders
  • Customized quick release
  • RGB shift indicator light
  • Wireless wheel compatible with all MOZA Racing DD Wheel bases


MOZA Racing RS D Wheel Carbon Fibre Plate

Forged Carbon Fibre Button Plate & Shifter Paddle

The wheel's frame is made of a high intensity forged carbon fiber. A 5mm thick frame ensures there is no wheel flex. Milled using a CNC machine to guarantee toughness and durability.

Programmable Buttons & RGB Shift Light

Manage complex operations with 15 total programmable inputs, including 2 universal joysticks and 2 twenty segment knobs. When pressed the buttons have a satisfying and tactile mechanical movement. Even with gloves on button, button presses are clearly felt. On either side of the steering wheel is a 20-segment knob.

The sequential shifter has 7 adjustable colors. Drivers can customize the light up speed, the colours, and more.

Dual Clutch Magnetic Shifter Paddles

The contactless photoelectric sensor technology makes the paddles extremely reliable. Efficiently perform a dual clutch start and avoid powertrain damage caused by shifting errors.

MOZA Racing RS D Wheel Wireless Quick Release

Customized Quick Release

Switch the RS wheel in split seconds. The RS wheel uses a quick-release system derived from the steering wheel systems of real race cars. Ensuring a stable connection between the wheel and the wheel base.

Ergonomic Design

The hand grips on the GT wheel offer the driver a comfortable but firm grip, allowing the driver to maintain perfect control even against the strong force feedback of the strongest MOZA Racing Wheel (R21 with 21 Nm torque). From the thumb knobs to the shifter paddles, to the clutch paddles, all buttons are ergonomically positioned for quick access.


  • RS-D Flat Bottom Racing Wheel
  • Quick start guide & Warranty card


Compatible Products:

Moza Racing GS Formula Steering Wheel Specs

Wheel Material Italian Made Alcantara
Frame material Brushed Aluminum Alloy
Button Plate Material Forged Carbon Fiber
Back Material Aluminum Alloy
Paddles Material 3mm Forged Carbon Fiber
Paddles Magnet Gold-plated N52 Magnet
Size 325 mm (13 inch)
Magnetic Paddles Quantity 4
Programmable Buttons 10
20-segment Knob (Can be Pressed) 2
Universal Rocker (Can be Pressed) 2
Racing Horn 1
Highlight LED RGB lamp 10
LED Colours Configurable
Smart Telemetry Support
Set Up the Lights Through the MOZA Pit House Support
The Light Changes Color with the Rotation Support
Power Supply Wireless
Signal transmission Wireless
Magnetic Paddles Induction Method Photoelectric Contactless
Magnetic Paddles Mode Dual-clutch/Single-Clutch/Switch

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