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MOZA Racing

MOZA Racing SRP Pedals

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MOZA Racing's brand new SR-P pedals redefine entry load-cell pedals. Made entirely from high strength steel, they look and feel like a set of pedals costing 2-3x as much. The high spec is more than skin-deep, though, with a 165 lb. (75 kg) load cell sensor, dual spring + elastomer damper block for the brake pedal, and adjustable pedal spacing to optimize distance between pedals for heel & toe downshifting. If only real cars came with this much range!


Key Features

  • High-strength steel frame and pedals
  • 165 lb. (75 kg) load cell
  • Adjustable pedal spacing to optimize placement
  • 16-bit signal resolution for excellent accuracy and fidelity
  • Dual spring + elastomer damping block for more realistic brake pressure feel
  • Hybrid angle sensor + load sensor brake sensing for excellent brake control at low brake applications
  • MOZA Pit House App allows tuning and calibration of response and feel to suit every racer


High Strength Steel

The SR-P pedals are machined with high-strength steel, including frame, heel plate, and pedals, giving superior quality and endurance.


MOZA Racing SRP Pedals Steel

Accurate, Precise, Realistic

All of brake, clutch and throttle pedals use 16-bit precision magnetic encoder with 65,536 PPR resolution, a much higher resolution and more stable than a Hall sensor. 

The brake pedal utilizes a hybrid setup with a load-cell pressure sensor and an angle sensor, allowing fine tuning of braking modulation. The initial stage is dominated by the angle sensor, allowing racers to modulate small braking inputs accurately, while the mid and last stage is controlled by the pressure sensor, which makes the pedal easier to control. 

The load cell pressure sensor utilized in the SR-P brake pedal has a maximum range of 165 lb. (75 KG), smaller than the advanced CRP pedals but still provides far better brake pressure control and modulation than non load cell pedals. 


MOZA Racing SRP Pedal MOZA House App

Fully Tunable

Adjust pedal spacing to suit every racer and allow for comfortable heel and toe downshifting. Once set up, the MOZA Pit House App will allow tuning of pedal response and linearity to suit driving preferences. 

MOZA Racing SRP Pedal Organ Throttle

Floor Mounted Organ Throttle

MOZA's Organ throttle allows for the driver's foot and pedal to follow the same trajectory, allowing for consistency and comfort, as well as accurate input for the best control.

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Customer Reviews

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Loic Michaut
Very good

Very nice entry point for load cell, brake pedal have a lot of travel, this is purely preference though and a kit is available for that