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Next Level Racing

Next Level Racing Wheel Stand 2.0

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The Wheel Stand 2.0 is the latest from Next Level Racing®. Designed and engineered with over 10 years of customer feedback on the Next Level Racing® Wheel Stand, every aspect of the first generation Wheel Stand is improved. By introducing a robotic manufacturing process of laser cutting and welding, it is set to improve functionality and strength with a stronger and more adjustable wheel, pedal, and shifter/handbrake support.

The Wheel Stand 2.0 offers a wider range of adjustability and compatibility for sim racing electronics on the market. With the new addition of a shifter and handbrake support and gaming chair cradle, users can have a more immersive sim racing experience. The Wheel Stand 2.0 is also upgradable to a full cockpit with the addition of the Next Level Racing® GTSeat Add-on, and also motion compatible for a full solution.





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Compatible Thrustmaster® products:


Leading features of the Wheel Stand 2.0

  • Foldable design allows easy storage
  • Full range of adjustability for wheel and pedal plate including height, angle, and distance
  • Included gear shifter and handbrake support can be used on left or right side of the stand with height adjustment
    • Included Handbrake adaptor plate predrilled for Thrustmaster® TSSH and Fanatec® handbrakes (can support 2 x Thrustmaster® TSSH at the same time)
  • Next Level Racing game chair cradle prevents gaming seat from sliding away under braking
  • Compatible with Next Level Racing GT Seat add-on to build up into a full cockpit 
  • Compatible and predrilled for all major wheels and pedals including Thrustmaster, Fanatec, Logitech, and more
  • Premium laser cut and robot welded carbon steel in Matte Black

Foldable and Compact

Based on the popular foldable design of the Wheel Stand, the Wheel Stand 2.0 again allows for quick and easy folding without compromising rigidity. With the quick release and locking features, users are able to set up their racing station in a matter of seconds. The Wheel Stand 2.0 is the perfect solution for any user with limited space but yet demands a solid wheel stand for maximum immersion. With its compact design, the Wheel Stand 2.0 can be folded and stored in limited storage spaces.


Features Sim Racers Demands

The Wheel Stand 2.0 comes with a wide range of features to suit every sim racer’s need. With added gear shifter and hand brake support that can be positioned to the right or left side of the user, pedal angle and height adjustment, wheel plate angle and height adjustment, Gear shifter arm height adjustment, every aspect has been introduced for a more immersive racing experience. Users are now able to also adjust the angle of their hand brake to their preference. With the new Next Level Racing® Gaming Chair Cradle, users are now able to position their gaming chair inside the cradle so that there is no extreme movement under heavy braking and driving conditions.


Built to Be Strong

Using a new manufacturing process, the Wheel Stand 2.0 is built to be strong and durable for years to come. The Wheel Stand 2.0 is constructed from carbon steel, laser-cut, and robotically welded for a premium and consistent finish. This innovative manufacturing process provides a higher quality product and ensures the user a strong and rigid solution for all of their racing electronics. The Wheel Stand 2.0 is compatible with major wheels and pedals and pre-drilled for Logitech®, Thrustmaster®, and Fanatec®.


The Complete EcoSystem

Build your setup to what you need it to be! The Wheel Stand 2.0 is completely upgradeable to a full cockpit with the addition of the Next Level Racing® GTSeat Add-On. To complete the user ecosystem, the full cockpit* is compatible with the Next Level Racing® Motion Platforms. The Wheel Stand 2.0 is also compatible with a full range of Free-Standing Next Level Racing® Accessories.


    What’s in the box

    • Next Level Racing® Wheel Stand 2.0
    • Pedal Plate and Wheel Plate
    • Shifter Mounting Arm and Shifter Plate
    • Handbrake Support
    • Next Level Racing® Gaming Chair Cradle
    • Assembly Hardware and electronics mounting hardware
    • Digital assembly instructions and assembly videos available here:



    • Supported Height – 120 – 210 cm or 4ft – 6ft 9 inches
    • Supported Max Weight – 150 kg or 330 lbs (Wheel Stand 2.0 combined with GTSeat Add-On)
    • Product Dimensions – (L)92.5 X (W)57.5 X (H)78.5 cm, (L) 36.4 X (W) 22.6 X (H) 30.9inches
    • Product Weight – 22kg or 48.5lbs
    • Color Box Dimensions 23 X 59 X 75cm or 9 x 23.2 x 29.5inches
    • Boxed Weight – 25kg or 55.1lbs

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Very sturdy and lots of adjustibility

    Very impressed with the build quality and nice instructions to set everything up. Very sturdy...feels like one solid piece of metal with no wiggle at all

    NLR wheel stand v2

    In the title v2 means that it is the second NLR wheel stand that I own. Previous 1.0 was ripped apart by ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 (I hope this one would live longer). Compare to the previous stand version this one looks more solid and build quality is higher.
    I like the number of adjustments for the wheel and pedals plates. The next best thing is chair cradle (long waiting addition to the stand).
    At this price point this product I think the best option, even though it has number of imperfections.
    The first would be screw tightness. It looks like it does not matter how tight you do them, they would become loose anyway. So, check them before each use (in case you fold/unfold).
    Unfortunately, plastic cable management brackets does not hold cables in place. And also there is no holder option for power supply (sad).
    And the last, I would recommend to use knobs instead of bolts when connect chair cradle to the stand as bolts are getting loose on each fold/unfold and the cradle plate wants to see your toes bleed.
    Other then that, Wheel stand 2.0 is a great alternative when you do not have much space for a sim racing rig.

    Kim Nguyen
    Great product

    The stand is very sturdy, looks and feels high quality