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Qubic System

QUBIC SYSTEM QS-S25 Advanced Motion Cockpit

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Why QS-S25? In a Nut Shell: Response, speed, and accuracy are unmatched. Available now from Pit Lane Sim Racing for immediate shipping!

If you have ever seen what F1 teams use for driving sim to test and practice, this may look familiar. This configuration is sometimes referred to as the 'Spider' simulator thanks to six high performance, fast acting linear actuators that give it the look similar to that of spider legs. The QS-S25 is designed with one purpose in mind: for sim racers looking for the most realistic simulation.

As racing enthusiasts and not just sellers, we have a particular interest in motion simulation to bring virtual racing that much closer to reality. We often get asked what is the difference between a budget motion simulator, a proper entry level motion simulator, and a professional-grade motion simulator? There is a huge difference in cost and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to accurate simulation of suspension movements and delay/latency.

Key Features

  • MotionSystems' Patent pending and world-leading fast acting simulation linear actuators with significantly better performance than the leading competitor for sim racing linear actuators:

    • 4x faster response, 0.008 s latency
    • 8x faster max speed, up to 800 mm/s
    • 3x greater max displacement, up to 100 mm
    • Very quiet operation
  • Six linear actuators providing true 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF) simulating sway, surge, heave, roll, pitch and yawunmatched this side of a professional race team
  • Simulates vibrations up to 100 Hz, giving feedback of engine revs and other NVH sources like road surface/texture, rumble strips, etc.
  • Unmatched accuracy and realism in simulating vehicle or aircraft movement, including independent front and rear motion in sway and yaw, not mere "rotation" of the driver to simulate traction loss.
  • Full support of the proprietary ForceSeatPM software - totally free access, free lifetime updates.
  • Compact design and small footprint fits to the medium size gaming rooms, VR centers, training facilities or even home location.
  • VR HeadWay technology support (motion compensation).
  • Up to 1 G* Lateral Acceleration (*limited for safe operation)
  • The Platform Manager is a very powerful engine, yet it’s simple to use meaning you can adjust levels of motion, bumps, roll and pitch and more with a click of a button, or you can dive deeply into the software and adjust every aspect of platform movement.
  • New Wheel Deck design that is more flexible and easier to adjust

MotionSystems' Patent pending linear actuators technology guarantee very quiet and precise operation, high speed, and fast response. Max speed in linear and rotational axes can be anywhere between 3-6x that of entry level and competitor motion simulators. It can simulate acceleration/braking (surge: front-rear motion) and lateral acceleration (sway: side to side motion) of up to 1 G (although the system is capable of simulating higher than 1 G, it is limited for safety reasons).

Not only that, this is a true 6 Degrees of Freedom (6 DOF) system and unlike the majority of motion simulator systems on the market, this is capable of simulating understeer and front axle loss of grip. You'll notice a lot of motion simulators on the market will list traction loss or drifting, but not understeer. The distinction in feel between front axle loss of grip and rear axle loss of grip is unmistakable in real life. Why not the same in sim racing? This feedback allows the best drivers in the world to drive to the absolute limit and respond to changes and loss of grip as needed based on feedback. Yet, most traction loss simulators on the market cannot simulate the difference.

Ordering & Shipping

As always at Pit Lane Sim Racing, what you see at checkout is what you pay. No additional fees or charges. You can check out online or, for a custom shipping quote and add options, please contact us. A custom shipping quote can often be a few hundred dollars less for air freight or $1,500-2,000 less by sea freight.

We have delivered these units from coast to coast! Estimated shipping time is 7-12 days.

What's in the Box?

  • 6 MotionSystems's patent pending high performance actuators
  • Dedicated upper and bottom frames and chassis
  • Power cabinet
  • Motion Controller
  • License: ForceSeatPM
  • Want more? There are several optional accessories available directly from Qubic that we can include in your order.

 Qubic System QS-S25 Triple Screen 6 DOF Simulator

The Tech

The unique combination of high performance linear actuator's technology developed by Motion Systems and modern, adjustable accessories allows users to train and experience real racing and flight simulation. The QS-S25 provides an amazing impression to get the feeling of driving a real racing car by delivering sensation of road textures, velocity, suspension interaction feedback, engine vibrations, tactile feedback, haptic system and vehicle dynamics.

Innovative technology, modular and compact design, as well as the quiet operation makes the QS-S25 a perfect motion base not only for professional application but also for home users.

By using dedicated software Platform Manager – ForceSeatPM the driver / pilot can use several sets to create the most realistic simulation that immediately responds to onscreen situations to deliver real life experience in gaming or VR applications.

    Motion Systems is a global leading motion platforms brand for professionals and the most demanding home users. For over 10 year the company has been designing and providing bespoke motion solutions for industry and cutting edge technology for racing and flight simulation.

    The Hardware

    Patent pending linear actuator's technology is in charge of QS-S25 hidden power. 6 degrees of freedom (surge, sway, heave, roll, pitch and yaw) delivers oversteer and understeer experience and provide more realistic and precise driving / flying effects.

    Their work additionally guarantee to ensure feed precise motion inputs that very accurately represent key sensations such as understeer, traction loss, lateral g-force inputs and braking. Motor drivers have been designed by Motion Systems company to do just one job, to control motors in vehicle simulator applications, and they are excellent at it.

    Included power cabinet (control module) QS-SB2 is responsible for the power distribution and communication to handle telemetry signal processing where motion controller dispatches the commands to drivers which parse the incoming command as soon as the command arrive. The Control module sets the motion and vibration cues for each single actuator. The driver works with both 115V and 230V power network without any adapters or voltage converters.

    The motion platform is a modular solution that allows transport and on-site assembly using the main components.

    Wide range of dedicated accessories for QS-S25 allows extending unit functionality or change configurations depending on the type of required game profile.

    The platform is compatible with the selected Virtual Reality headsets on the market, which makes QS-S25 open to a new possibility in virtual racing.

    QS-S25 general specification:

    • Architecture: TRUE 6 DOF
    • System performance:
      • Surge: -13.2, 10.5 cm, 1250 mm/s, limited to 1G*
      • Sway: -10.6, 10.6 cm, 1000 mm/s, limited to 1G*
      • Heave: -5.6, 5.5 cm, 350 mm/s, limited to 0.5G*
      • Roll: -5.1°, 5.1°, 40°/s, limited to 500°/s²*
      • Pitch: -4.7°, 4.7°, 40°/s, limited to 500°/s²*
      • Yaw: -9°, 9°, 100°/s, limited to 1000°/s²*
      • *value of acceleration is limited for safety reasons
    • Vibrations frequency range: 0-100 Hz
    • Payload: 250 kg | 551 lb
    • Product weight: 350 kg | 772 lb
    • Total length (assembled): 1761 mm | 70 in
    • Total width (assembled): 1825 mm | 72 in
    • Min height (assembled): 960 mm | 38 in
    • Power supply requirements: 2 x Single Phase 120V or 220-250 VAC Single Phase
    • Average power consumption: 238 W (120V), 199 W (230V)
    • Average power consumption for converter specification: 2161 VA (120V), 2115 VA (230V)
    • Peak current for breaker specification: 17.5 A (120V), 8.9 A (230V)
    • PC/Data Connection: USB
    • Shipped Box dimensions: 190 cm x 190 cm x 128 cm/ 74.8 in x 74.8 in x 50.4 in

    The QS-S25 comes with a number of compatible accessories and add-ons made by Qubic itself to suit different driver needs. All available add-ons and accessories that are compatible with QS-S25 platform can be added to the order:

    Full list of options

    • Cockpit Bundle (recommended):
      • Upper Frame Floor With Attaching Points
      • Cockpit Stiffening Rods - Both Sides
      • Cockpit Step
      • Mounting Bracket: Desk With Attaching Points Left
      • Mounting Bracket: Desk With Attaching Points Right
      • Mounting Bracket: Pedals
      • Mounting Bracket: Race Seat
      • Mounting Bracket: Steering Wheel
      • Mounting Bracket: VR Headset or Headphones
    • Power Connector Hub
    • Integrated Monitor Stand (Attached to cockpit)
    • Racing Seat Adjustment
    • Mounting Bracket: Speakers (dedicated Creative Stage 2.1)
    • Racing Seat
    • 4 Point Safety Seat Belt

    We know that when investing in this professional level equipment, you are looking for functionality and good ergonomics without having to second guess what you need. That's why we recommend as a minimum the Cockpit Set. If you would like a quote to include the Cockpit Set and/or any other options, or would like customization for your own accessories, seat, etc, contact us at and we would be happy to get back to you as soon as possible!

    The Software

    Even the most advanced hardware is nothing without good software. ForceSeatPM (platform manager) by Motion Systems company is a professional and specialized software for the platform and is click and play compatible with all major racing and flight titles on PC and constantly updated to support new applications as they are released. Gives user possibilities of motion adjustments, motion post-processing, extensive diagnostic or easy and fast use of predefined profiles.

    The Platform Manager is a powerful engine, yet it’s simple to use meaning you can adjust levels of motion, bumps, roll and pitch and more with a click of a button.
    Few main features:

    • Over 80+ already integrated and supported racing games and professional simulation applications.
    • Included VR Headway technology uses advanced mathematic formulas to calculate necessary compensation and applies it to the VR headset at runtime. It eliminates platform movements from the VR tracking system causing your experiences to be more immersive, authentic and has huge impact on VR sickness compensation.
    • The motor control algorithm has been developed to be used strictly in simulation application. The positioning signal is analyzed and preprocessed directly by the driver, so it is possible to change all driver parameters at basically zero cost (time). Drivers parse the incoming command as soon as the command arrives. It also allows to append different types of vibrations (per actuator) on driver level.
    • Motion sickness compensation thanks to telemetry data provided in real time directly by the game’s engine and immediately injected to the hardware to perform.
    • Equipped with Tactile Audio Based Feedback System that can use tactile transducers connected to sound card to generate additional effects on your cockpit.
    • Thanks to having full control of the technology Motion Systems company can change control algorithm source code, introduce new parameters and features without waiting for 3rd party vendors. Simple software update can introduce new features to the customers.
    • Motion SDK (FSMI or FSDI) for software developers is also available as an extra option. That powerful interface allows to add a motion platforms support to any application or game.

    Qubic System QS-S25 VR 6 DOF Racing Simulator


    Compatible Titles

    Racing Sim

    • 22 Racing Series
    • American Truck Simulator
    • Assetto Corsa
    • Assetto Corsa Competizione
    • Automobilista
    • Automobilista 2
    • City Car Driving EE
    • Copa Petrobras de Marcas
    • Design it Drive it: Speedboats
    • DiRT 3
    • DiRT 4
    • DiRT Rally
    • DiRT Rally 2.0
    • Drift Cyber Sport
    • Euro Truck Simulator 2
    • F1 2015
    • F1 2016
    • F1 2017
    • F1 2018
    • F1 2019
    • F1 2020
    • Formula Truck 2013
    • Forza Horizon 4
    • Forza Motorsport 7
    • Game Stock Car
    • Game Stock Car Extreme
    • GP Bikes
    • GRID 2
    • GRID 2019
    • GRID Autosport
    • GT Legends
    • GTR 2
    • iRacing
    • KartKraft
    • Kart Racing Pro
    • Live for Speed
    • MX Bikes
    • Project CARS
    • Project CARS 2
    • Project CARS 3
    • Project CARS Pagani Edition
    • Project CARS Pro
    • Race 07
    • RaceRoom Racing Experience
    • rFactor
    • rFactor 2
    • Richard Burns Rally
    • Touring Karts
    • World Racing Series

    Flight Sim

    • Aerofly FS2
    • Condor
    • Condor 2
    • DCS World
    • DCS World 2.1 Alpha
    • DCS World 2.5 Beta
    • Falcon 4
    • Falcon 4 BMS
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
    • Flight Sim World
    • IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover
    • IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz
    • IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles
    • Prepar3D v2
    • Prepar3D v3
    • Prepar3D v4
    • Prepar3D v5
    • War Thunder
    • X-Plane 9
    • X-Plane 10
    • X-Plane 11

    Training and Applications Sim

    • Expansim
    • GOATi Traffic Simulation
    • Matlab & Simulink
    • Steel Beasts Pro
    • VBS3
    • VBS4

    Gaming Sim

    • NoLimits 2
    • VR Regatta


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