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SIMGRADE Thera 3-pedal Throttle, Brake, Clutch (TBC) set

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One of SIMGRADE's THERA pedals main features is an all billet aluminum structure, but it might as well have been carved from a solid piece of granite. The moment you pull these pedals out of the box, the build quality makes a strong impression and for good reason. It is clear that it was built to very high specs and very low tolerances, with a neat simplistic design that makes it very functionally beautiful. Not convinced? The 5 year warranty should do the trick.

Key Features

  • Billet aluminum structure
  • Stainless steel ball bearings in all major pivot points with zero lateral play at all pedal arms
  • Brake system pressure build-up simulation
  • Load cells used in all 3 pedals including brake, clutch, and throttle, allowing for exceptional tuning of response and modulation
  • 200 kg load cell in the brake pedal, allowing brake force measurement up to 110 kg (reduced capacity due to pedal to load cell motion ratio).
  • Powerful calibration software with
    • Adjustable dead zones
    • Non-linear response curves
    • Save to file & load profile from file feature
  • 16 separate settings for brake stiffness with super fast and easy adjusting procedure – no tools required
  • 5-year warranty

Engineered for Serious Racers

How do you differentiate between just another pedal on the market and a true premium option for racers? Engineering. SIMGRADE does not just build another pedal. The design was engineered from scratch, with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) analyzed load assessment. The result is a superior, rigid design, with a goal to minimize number of parts to reduce risk of failure.

The design is made even better with material selection and manufacturing. Extremely low tolerances with stainless steel ball bearings in all major pivot points result in zero unwanted play or flex. Every brake application is easily controllable and consistent

High Performance

Billet aluminum with black anodized finish giving the pedals a professional and premium look like no other on the market but the the high specifications are much more than skin deep.

SIMGRADE's own custom elastomer in the brake pedal provides extremely progressive feel that simulates realistic brake system pressure build-up feel in the real world from the point the brake pads touch the discs. All pedals feature ultra smooth operation ensured by using stainless steel ball bearings and guided springs. No lubrication is required.

The result is zero lateral play at all pedal arms creating the most rigid pedals on the market. Operation is completely silent with a very refined feel thanks to non-metal end stoppers at max pedal range eliminating the typical 'click' or 'clank' of metal on metal contact. 

Damper option will be available this year (2022)!

All of this results in the best warranty on the market. SIMGRADE backs their pedals by a 5-year warranty. Complementing the mechanical engineering is a 12 bit (4096) resolution signal and a 200 kg load cell in the brake pedal that allows 110 kg max pedal force measurement at the pedal motion ratio. Load cells are used in the throttle and the clutch pedals as well. The force operated, high accuracy clutch pedal simulates real life hydraulically operated clutches. Why throttle? Tunability. 

Tunable & Adjustable

Every driver is different so you need adjustability in a good pedal set. There are 16 separate settings for brake stiffness (8 for elastomer, 8 for spring) with an innovative super fast and easy adjusting procedure – no tools required. 

Included with every pedal set is SIMGRADE's Calibration software allowing:

  • Adjustable dead zones
  • Non-linear response curves
  • Save to file & load profile from file feature

There are 12 separate settings for throttle stiffness with super fast & easy adjusting procedure just like the brake pedal – no tools required

Super-narrow design allowing the user to adjust pedal-to-pedal distance to personal preference to optimize heel & toe or left foot braking preferences. Included is a 13.7" (35 cm) long cables for each pedal for flexible placement.


  • Mounting: 4 x M6 bolts, mounting pattern (click to open) 80 x 24 mm
  • +/- 8.5 degrees angle adjustment in each pedal
  • Slot hole mounting: adjustable foot-to-pedal distance
  • Pedal faces distance adjustable with spacers
  • Light weight: approx. 2 lb. (900 g) per pedal
  • Double shielded USB cable 5.9 ft (1.8 m)
  • Operating system: PC / Windows
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled in Finland

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