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Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X

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The essentials: The T.Flight HOTAS X pack includes a flight stick and Throttle With Dual Rudder System, Buttons and Programmable Axes, Rotating Handle, and Trigger making the perfect starter pack for a flight sim setup.

Key Features

  • All-in-one: HOTAS (Hands-on-Throttle-and-Stick) with 12-action buttons and 5 axes.
  • Twist Rudder: Rudder control via joystick
  • Comfortable & Ergonomic: Weighed base providing greater stability
  • Quick and easy: Plug-and-Play product directly in-game
  • Mapping Buttons: all buttons/assigned functions can be mapped or moved around in game
  • Internal memory: saves function button mapping


Joystick with Detachable Throttle

The T.Flight HOTAS X is a complete accessory that includes a high-precision joystick and a detachable throttle that can be used detached or attached to the joystick, depending on player’s preferred position (desk, couch, cockpit, etc.). This joystick set is designed for any budding pilots who wants a two-handed set for flight simulation.
The Plug & Play HOTAS is fully compatible with all flight simulation games for PC and features a unique ergonomic design that allows it to adapt to any type of game: dogfights, civil or commercial flights, space adventures, etc.


Complete, High-precision, Realistic Controls

The T.Flight HOTAS X offers a full-size plug & play joystick and throttle set with a multitude of options and realistic controls for enjoyable and intuitive flight sessions.

Twist Rudder

A must-have for fast, intuitive and efficient handling in all circumstances, in any type of game. The handle rotation can be locked in place for more realistic flights.


Versatile Trigger

The brake trigger is perfectly adapted to civil flight, while the rapid-fire option allows for better use in military and space flights.


Detachable Throttle

Designed to adapt to your favorite flying position (desk, couch, cockpit, etc), the T.Flight HOTAS X offers a fully detachable, ergonomic, full-size throttle.


Alternative Rudder

A second rudder system is available for demanding players. Use the tilting lever to activate the rudder so you can focus on handling with the joystick.


Programmable Action Buttons and Axes

Take full advantage of the HOTAS’ capabilities with the 12 programmable action buttons and 5 programmable axes, and the detachable throttle.


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