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Thrustmaster TH8 Sequential Shifter Knob

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Optimized for The Thrustmaster TH8A and TH8 RS Shifters*

Genuine Sequential Gearshift Knob

  • Design and ergonomics optimized for shifting gears in sequential mode:
  • Designed by Thrustmaster
  • Actual size: 11 cm/4.3” tall; 4 cm/1.6” in diameter
  • Allows for a better grip and enhanced comfort when using the gearshift knob, thanks to its height and shape

Sturdiness and Authenticity

  • Weighs 0.5 lb/220 g: provides better inertia and an authentic feel when shifting gears in sequential mode (+ / -)**
  • 100% metal: product conforms to automotive standards

* Sold separately

** IMPORTANT: due to its heaviness, optimized for sequential mode, we recommend that you only use this gearshift knob when the sequential shift plate (+ / -) belonging to the TH8A* or TH8 RS* shifter is installed, and that the knob therefore not be used with the H-pattern (7+1) shift plate.