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Pit Lane Sim Racing

Pit Lane Sim Racing - Formula Racing Simulator (FRS) Mk2 Cockpit

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You will not mistake the FRS as anything but an open wheel simulator. Unlike the vast majority of chassis on the market designed to approximate the seating position, the FRS truly bridges the gap between virtual and real; visually and functionally. Ushering a new generation of sim racing cockpits, the FRS brings together form and function at an unprecedented price point for a comparable cockpit.

If you don't want to settle for a formula-position chassis that looks like every other cockpit out there or spend tens (or hundreds) of thousands on something that looks realistic, the FRS is the only simulator that can do it.

Key Features

  • Official MOZA Racing Edition: for the ultimate MOZA Fan, we have partnered with one of the biggest and most loved brands in the industry.  
    • Adjustable wheel bracket and pedal bracket for major manufacturers including Thrustmaster, MOZA, SIMGRADE,, Simucube, Fanatec, Logitech, and others.
      • Recomended with low-profile direct drive (DD) wheel bases including MOZA R5, MOZA R9, MOZA R12, Simucube 2 (SC2) Pro, Simucube 2 (SC2) Sport, Thrustmaster T818, Cammus LF8, Fanatec CSL DD, Fanatec DD1/DD2, and others.
    • Adjustable seat side mount brackets compatible with Sparco GP sim racing seat and Next Level Racing ES1 as well as a wide range of fixed back FIA or sim racing bucket seats. Optimal seating position with Sparco GP seat.
    • Formula seating position and ergonomics
    • Disassembled into 1 major section and 4 add-on body components for ease of transportation and set up at events, exhibitions, promotions, and other off-site activities
    • Optional Motion Kit for compatibility with Qubic System QS-220-PL and Dbox G3 and G5 linear actuators, Sigma Integrale
    • Custom liveries available: Provide your own existing team livery or we can create a new one for you. 
    • Standard 2-year limited warranty


    What's new in the Mark 2 (Mk2)

    We have made several improvements from the first released cockpit in order to improve the functionality and aesthetics

    1. Elongated cockpit section to allow for more driver height adjustment. Thanks to careful changes to the rest of the cockpit, the overall length of the cockpit only increased by 0.1 ft to maintain original footprint

    2. Addition of wheel base shaft extension to accommodate the longer cockpit and maintain accurate steering wheel position. The extension includes shaft support and bearing as standard to avoid radial load on the wheel base hub. 

    3. Improved nose, side pod, and rear engine section designs

    Formula, meet Sim Racing

    The Pit Lane Sim Racing Formula Racing Simulator (FRS) cockpit is the world's first sim racing cockpit of its kind. Designed from the ground up as a simulator based on Formula 3 (F3) size and proportions, it combines the best of both worlds. 

    As a simulator, it provides the features we all have come to expect and enjoy in a premium simulator including adjustability and flexible compatibility. As a formula cockpit, you won't mistake it for anything other than an open wheel simulator with a more accurate seating position than most formula position cockpits on the market thanks to the bespoke frame.

    Designed to scale including full size faux side pods, air intake, and engine cover, whether you are outside looking at it or sitting in it racing, it is the most rewarding and immersive cockpit of its kind built specifically for sim racers.

    Optional Halo will be available in the future for fans of F1 and smaller formula series requiring Halos.


    Adjustable and Flexible

    As a sim racing cockpit, the FRS can't just look good. Both functionality and form were equally important. As a result, the FRS includes several features that have never been seen in a formula sim racing cockpit of this type:

    • Adjustable pedal mount including distance from seat and tilt angle
    • Adjustable wheel mount including distance and tilt angle
    • Seat side mount brackets to fit a wide range of seats such as Sparco GP Sim Racing seat, Next Level Racing ES1 seat, and many side-mount FIA and sim racing bucket seats. 
    • Removable nose and body panels for access and adjustability
    • Compatibility with a wide range of wheel and pedals from MOZA, Thrustmaster, Simucube, SIMGRADE, Fanatec, Asetek, Simagic, Logitech, Heusinkveld, and others
      • Strongly recommended with low-profile DD wheel bases

    The FRS was designed from the ground up as a sim racing cockpit and not a show piece in a commercial venue or exhibit. Whether you are a Formula One fan or other formula/open wheel fan, the FRS will not disappoint. 


    Available Motion Kit

    The motion kit brings another innovative development to formula sim racing cockpits. Instead of being locked into a cumbersome or limited selection of motion systems for your formula cockpit like comparable cockpits offer, you can choose from a wide range of linear actuators* available on the market to add to your cockpit. 

    *Confirm payload capacity with motion system supplier.

    Official MOZA Racing Edition

    In the blink of an eye, MOZA Racing went from being a newcomer to sim racing to being an established household name. How did MOZA do it? A powerful and ever-growing ecosystem, incredible performance, and unbeatable value. Backed by Automotive engineers and Sim Racing drivers dedicated to designing and building sim racing hardware and software products, MOZA was able to leapfrog years of R&D in relatively short order and build a strong community of satisfied and loyal sim racers.

    As one of MOZA's largest resellers in North America, Pit Lane Sim Racing is thrilled to partner with MOZA Racing and produce an Official Licensed MOZA Racing Edition of the ground-breaking FRS cockpit. MOZA is already the official sponsor of the iRacing Dallara F3 Championship making this a natural fit given the FRS cockpit's basis of design being a Formula 3 car. But that's not all.

    MOZA's dedication to designing and building the world’s best sim-racer focused hardware and software at an unprecedented value makes the FRS an excellent cockpit to represent MOZA's brand values and mission by bringing a level of excitement and immersion to formula sim racing cockpits at a price never seen before. 


    Stress Tested

    Engineered and tested to withstand the stresses and vibration frequency associated with the ultimate in sim racing motion; the Qubic QS-220-PL linear actuators. Capable of up to 0.8 g, 800 mm/s peak actuator speed, 100 mm (4 in.) stroke/displacement and 100 Hz real-time vibration simulation, the Qubic linear actuators in 3 Degrees of Freedom (3 DOF) format transform the FRS cockpit to a level of immersion and feedback that is unmatched for either personal or professional use.

    First, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) were conducted on the body panels to optimize each panel's thickness and design stiffening features at high stress areas. Then, they are torture tested to the point of breaking to verify the design. This gives us the confidence to stand behind the FRS. Backed by a standard 2-year limited warranty, you can have peace of mind when using the FRS cockpit.


    Engineered for Pros

    The FRS uses an innovative design utilizing an alum. chassis for optimal adjustability and specific strength (weight to strength ratio) combined with specific steel brackets for strength and rigidity and lightweight plastic body panels for ease of use and assembly. Equally at home for personal or professional use, the design incorporates several key features to meet different applications.

    Fully unassembled and boxed, it is incredibly easy to ship and deliver compared to anything like it, with no need for large doors or elevators allowing fitment through standard doors and corridors/hallways. 

    Easy to transport with minimal set up time: featuring easily detachable nose, side pods, and intake, the cockpit main section can easily be transported in a van, trailer, or pickup truck bed (minimum 7 ft or 2,135 mm bed length). Once on site and set up, attaching the add-on sections is a breeze and the FRS is ready for racing. 


    Custom Liveries

    We have partnered with ICM Designs to provide design, customization, and branding of the cockpit in a way that has never been done before in sim racing. 

    Do you have your own virtual/sim or real livery? Have sponsors and want another area to display and support your sponsors? You can make the FRS cockpit your very own. ICM Designs already know the cockpit inside-out and will work with you to transform your livery to look perfectly at home on the FRS simulator's body shape and contours.

    If you are starting from scratch, ICM Designs can make the FRS look like whatever you want. With a portfolio that includes designs which stand out even on packed prestigious grids across different motorsport series, you can be sure they can brainstorm a vision with you and create something that is an extension of your motorsport identity - virtual or real.


    What's Included

    The FRS comes with all the core features you need: 

    • Chassis and body work
      • Faux nose, side pods, and air intake/engine cover
    • Adjustable Side-mount seat brackets
    • Adjustable wheel & pedal mounts
    • Cable management ties/straps
    • Instructions



    The complete FRS simulator consists of five (5) major sections to allow ease of transportation following the initial assembly:

    1. Main cockpit section

    2. Nose

    3. Lefthand side (LHS) sidepod

    4. Righthand side (RHS) sidepod

    5. Faux air intake & engine cover


    • Complete (assembled) Simulator: 3,798 mm L x 1,728 mm W (at the side pods) x 814 mm H (at the top of the faux air intake, not including actuators)
      • 150" L x 68.0" W (at the side pods) x 32.0" H (at the top of the faux air intake)
      • 12.5 ft L x 5.7 ft W x 2.7 ft H
    • For transportation, the largest section is the main (center) cockpit section which requires a relatively small footprint (below). For mobile and off site use, the main cockpit section could be transported assembled to eliminate the vast majority of assembly for quick set up at events and exhibitions/expos.
      • 1,990 mm L x 650 mm W
      • 78.3" L x 25.6" W
      • 6.5 ft L x 2.1 ft W


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